• Preventive Diplomacy

    The ARF Work Plan on Preventive Diplomacy was adopted by the 18th ARF in July 2011.

  • Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime

    The ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting on CTTC was established in 2002.

  • Disaster Relief

    The ARF’s work on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief is placed under the purview of the ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting on Disaster Relief (ISM on DR) which was first convened in 1997. The ISM meets annually to review and deliberate on the implementation of ARF disaster relief activities.

  • Maritime Security

    The ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting on MS was established in 2009.

  • Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

    The ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting on NPD was established in 2009.

  • ICTs Security

    The ARF Inter-Sessional Meeting on ICTs Security was established in 2017.

  • Defence

    Defence cooperation in the ARF is undertaken through the ARF Defence Officials’ Dialogue, the ARF Security Policy Conference and the ARF Heads of Defence Universities/Colleges/Institutions.

  • Peacekeeping (for future input)

    As one of the priority areas of the ARF, cooperation on peacekeeping is undertaken by the ARF Peacekeeping Experts’ Meeting.