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Co-Chairs' Consolidated List of Possible New ARF CBMs

The list is divided into two baskets. The first basket contains those CBMs recommended for consideration in the near future (ie over next two intersessional years). The second basket is for those CBMs recommended for consideration in the medium term.

First Basket

  • Encouraging ARF members to exchange visits of their naval vessels on a voluntary basis
  • Multilateral exchanges and cooperation in military logistic and academic research in fields such as military medicine and military law
  • Compilation of lists of publications and contact points on CBMs
  • Multilateral communications network
  • ARF Foreign Affairs and Defence officials training/seminar
  • Seminar on the production of defence white papers or other defence policy documents
  • Encouraging visits to military establishments
  • Media support for the activities of the ARF
  • Defence language schools conference

Second Basket

  • ARF liaison with other regional fora
  • A second ARF SOM
  • Counter-narcotics project
  • Preventing and combating illicit trafficking in conventional small arms
  • Shootfest among riflemen

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